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  • Her



    dear HER,

    i am writing this review in the style of how theodore twombly writes his letters in the movie because i feel like it would be a cute fun heartfelt bit. i hope that is ok.

    first of all, i was genuinely so emotionally distraught when the credits started rolling just now that i decided to leave my friend zachary a voicemail but then he actually picked up and we had to have a conversation while i was emotionally…

  • Leap Year

    Leap Year


    i DO NOT understand why y’all are saying this film is bad when it LITERALLY isn’t. it’s GOOD and SWEET and FUN and i for one love to have fun. 

    also as a virgo in a long-term relationship with a sagittarius, i heavily identified with the dynamic between anna (definitely a virgo) and declan (possibly a sagittarius). i’ve always known that my relationship dynamic irl is romcom material thank you

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  • Snowpiercer



    director bong simply does not miss. i’ve been thinking about how amazed and shocked i was the first time i watched this over a year ago, right before PARASITE was released. i love PARASITE, but SNOWPIERCER is the bong film that has kept me up at night. i know people are split on how they feel about the metaphor, the messaging, the melodrama of it all, etc. that’s their right, i guess! to me, everything about SNOWPIERCER is iconic as…

  • Map of the Soul ON:E - day one

    Map of the Soul ON:E - day one


    this is my third time watching this concert (technically my second time watching night 1 and i’ve only seen night 2 once) and i just know i’m going to come back to this over and over. i can’t think of many (or any, honestly) american musicians that are doing it like bts right now. the production value of this virtual concert is just completely ridiculous, and bts’ energy and sheer talent (in vocals, rap, and dance) shine through as they…

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  • Hamilton



    y’all... jonathan groff’s performance as king george III was so unhinged that he FULLY inadvertently spit all over his entire chin, huh... that’s called range, babey. that’s called committing to the bit of only being onstage for nine (9) minutes in the whole show, babey

  • The Half of It

    The Half of It


    anyone who knows me knows that i (a bi chinese-american) am truly starved for representation. to the point that i've kinda given up on finding it. like, i've projected SO MUCH onto diane nguyen from bojack horseman for the past few years just because she looks like me, and she's not even chinese. i'm desperate here.

    so you can imagine how aggressively i lost my mind when i saw the trailer for THE HALF OF IT, not because it looked…