Blood Simple ★★★★½

i decided to watch this not only because i'm trying to become a coen brothers completist but also because it's one of DallasFrance's favorites and i trust his taste. this absolutely did not disappoint! it's definitely one of the coens' best, and young frances mcdormand is such a badass in this; i can't believe this is the coens' directorial debut and frances' acting debut. i love how the film is paced. the score is haunting. the screenplay is wild. i laughed out loud at the last two lines. really really enjoyed this!

edit: okay right after i posted this review complimenting the score, i thought, "alright, i need to figure out why i think carter burwell is associated with the twilight saga because that simply can't be right," but you know what? carter burwell did in fact score twilight. goddamn it. i guess we have no choice but to stan a composer with RANGE.

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