Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman

sup niggas. its me, gene, livin large and in charge

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  • Monkeybone



    shit man, i rember seeing this shit. i was with warren beaty and i think dustin chomsky was there too, that lebanese bastard. the theater was sexy as hell man, i kid you not, i started pulling off my big boy pants when warren b was like, gene, this aint the place for you to be so gangsta, son, keep those britches on. maybe i was high or some shit but the more i think about it i'm probably just hella old. this was two years ago

  • Titanic


    yeah, so you get to see kate winslo's titties, big deal, it's not like i watched this fuckin thing just so i could get a peek at those pups. damn straight. you dont know me or my fuckin life or what I'm into, man. damn, look at me, sittin here, workin on my latest fuckin novel about the civil war. geez. meanwhile jim "the stool man" patterson and bill clinton are writin fuckin books together like they think they're best…

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