Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

I definitely enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to when I found out the runtime. 

It’s certainly bloated and could stand to lose an entire half hour but it’s also a lot of fun and mostly delivers what it promises. It’s also definitely the Snyder cut, Netflix didn’t lay a finger on it

That overindulgence is summed up pretty well by the opening credit sequence, which delightfully calls back to Snyder’s DAWN by having another Richard Cheese lounge cover, and then for some reason continues on for another 5 minutes, and through an entire second song. It’s okay to just do one, man! 

There are a handful of zombie kills that are really fucking awesome, and that’s why we’re here, right? I would have certainly appreciated more but I’m not complaining. The rest of the violence is very videogame-y, lots of head shots and hordes of CGI enemies. There’s even a Final Boss!

Tig is veeeerrry clearly inserted in post but it doesn’t really stand out because the whole movie has that fake all-digital look. It’s certainly noticeable if you’re aware of it. She’s mostly off alone but anytime she’s not (which is like once) it looks worse. 

Frankly the whole thing *looks* like absolute garbage; that soft focus that makes everybody look as green screened in as Tig. It sucks that this is what some people think passes for “visionary.”

This is the first Snyder movie I’ve enjoyed in a very long time and I’m just delighted that I had a good time! It played so fucking well in a theater presumably full of fans - huge laughs and great reactions to the viscera. 

I also loved where it ends and am legit interested in a follow up

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