The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special ★★★

A lot was spoiled in the trailer, which is unexpected for a direct to DVD lego movie... or should I say direct to streaming. I feel like this would’ve took away viewership from the mandalorian but apparently not. I understand  they couldn’t get the main cast to voice these characters (Even though Daisy Ridley has experience in Peter Rabbit). But the actors they got have to be the worst who could’ve got, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This Time Travel plot has been done before and better, but is nice to see in Star Wars form even if its varying in quality. It’s still much better than the last Star Wars Holiday Special. The Lego brand working with Disney more is an obvious choice to see as there won’t be anymore Dc Lego movies after the disastrous performance of the Lego movie 2.

3/5 Stars
“The direct to video Lego film that every critic is reviewing”-Connor Rafuse

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