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  • Semen Demon

    Semen Demon


    The faint glow of the neon sign bathes the freshly wet pavement as you walk up to the store.

    Video Rental.

    You bee-line for the section you know best. Marked by a neon-pink ducktape slip, the adult section is separated by a doorway bead curtain and has flashing primary colored lights and weird sex music playing that isn't quite jazz but could be misconstrued for being a Kenny G single.
    A couple of tapes are on the shelf, but for…

  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    The best sequels make waves.

    Characters change, learn things, and grow as a character. Sequels bring challenging new problems to the cast and show the audience a new side of the characters seen from the first movie. Those are just some parts of what makes a good sequel. Unfortunately, Incredibles 2 is not a great sequel and misses a lot of these things.

    I want to say first that I will be criticizing this film for a lot of things…

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  • Friday Night

    Friday Night


    Rolling your hands down a thigh, or running your fingers through someone's hair; Friday Night is an electric current of sexuality.

    My favorite parts of Claire Denis so far have been her approach to sex and intimacy. Be it physical or emotional, her focus on the pleasures of connection is intoxicating. Friday Night is a soothing movie, flowing from a tender scene to the next, easing you into a swishing seance of flirtations and attention. So much of what makes…

  • À propos de Nice, la suite

    À propos de Nice, la suite


    Not the worst short film collection I've seen, but as it is a big love letter to Jean Vigo in particular some of the shorts feel out of place and I lost the point of why they were collected here together.

    Here are some quick thoughts on all the shorts:

    The Prom (Depardon): A nice idea perhaps here of lost-long memories from the past, but as a whole story it's painfully dull and the character is dreadfully uninteresting.

    The Sea…

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  • Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


    save the tigers, think of the animals!

    The message gets lost in the utter awfulness of the characters involved. Watching this whole series made me feel like a bad person. This is the worst kind of entertainment in my opinion. It's drama about horrible people being awful to each other in many different ways. No one that is shown in this series deserve attention and don't deserve praise or admiration.

    I think with how popular this is shows a terrible…

  • Dolittle


    kill me.

    I thought I was special with this early screening but instead I was made the fool