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  • Batman & Robin

    Batman & Robin


    Though widely regarded as one of the worst films ever, I believe that Batman and Robin is a superior film to its direct predecessor. It's still not a good film by any stretch, but it has better villains, a better lead performance, and a more interesting story.

  • Batman Forever

    Batman Forever


    The first Batman film was iconic, the second was bizarre, this third one is awful.

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  • Dinotopia



    I hadn't seen this since I was a child. I couldn't quite believe I'd managed to track it down today and watch it start to finish again. It's a difficult one to review as my nostalgia dial was turned right up. I can't really review it from a current modern day newcomer perspective.
    One of the biggest critiques I see of Dinotopia is that, at over 4 hours, it's too long. However, this is best viewed as originally intended, over…

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    Just when you could maybe accuse the MCU of having a lack of visual diversity between its earthbound instalments, Doctor Strange comes along turns that notion on its head, back to front and inside out. The film belongs right up there with Ant-Man, an origin story about a lesser known and understood character done in such a way that absorbs you fully into the world of its hero and leaves you wanting more.