Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★

2018 RANKED 

I haven't been looking forward to this; I've been worried that this would turn out to be a self-indulgent mess, relying on geek culture and Easter eggs instead of a good story with likeable characters. I've read bits and pieces of the book and I hate it , and I'll probably never read it. 

I went in with neutral expectations but every fear I had came true; Ready Player One is a clunky mess that's full of bad exposition, bland characters and ugly visuals. The first hour is particularly bad; there's hardly any plot but it had some cool action scenes. There's a great short sequence that's based on one of my all-time favourite horror films, which is definitely the highlight of the entire movie. Other than that, it was painful to sit through. Luckily, the film picks up pace during the second and third act but the writing and characters still felt incredibly lacklustre. The final action sequence is an entertaining spectacle though; there are a lot of fun references and the action itself is quite good. 

I know this is just supposed to be a fun action blockbuster but I couldn't get into it. If the writing wasn't so cringe-inducing, I would've enjoyed it a tad more. It's cool to see some of my favourite properties in one movie but that's just not enough to warrant the price of admission. It's a bland, emotionless throwback that references things that I would rather watch over this. This really wasn't good.

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