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This review may contain spoilers.

Once again I rewatched this absolute masterpiece of a movie for the second time today and realized I never reviewed it. This is such an amazing film about space and the evolution of human kind for so many reasons.

The visuals first of all are absolutely stunning for something made way back in the 60s. Every colour they use is so cool and vibrant. Almost every scene shot in space looks so real and exact except for a few exceptions. For a film to have this type of mastery with visuals from so long ago is honestly crazy.

Also I am convinced that Hal is one of the best villains ever. He’s so creepy for such subtle things such as his voice being too calm or the fact that he is a robot and, so many believe that these machines are going to take over the world. Hal kinda showcases that belief when he kills every crew mate on the ship. Another things is when he’s being disabled his voice goes really deep which creeped me out cause I was watching this in the dark.

Plus the score for this movie just works so well and I love films with a good score. It makes me feel the same way I do when I listen to the main theme for Taxi Driver, they’re just perfect.

Honestly I could go on and on about this movie for so long but, I probably won’t cause I don’t wanna bore you guys so imma just end it with this. 2001: A Space Odyssey is fucking astonishing and if you haven’t watched it watch it now.

Also I just got the book for this so I’m hyped to read it!

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