Newsies: The Broadway Musical ★★★★★


This so much better than the movie which I still adore. The minute I watched this my whole mindset changed. It’s actually the whole reason I want to be an actor, just watching the energy everyone has on’s mind blowing. The cast has this amazing bond that I’d actually kill for, I mean it just adds to the performance. Honestly aside from Wandavision and Gravity Falls this is the only reason I have Disney+.

The songs in this are even more spectacular than the film. I swear Sante Fe sung by Jeremy Jordan gets me going. I frickin belt that in my car like every chance I get, it’s probably so annoying by now. The dancing skills are just beautiful. I literally can’t critique anything on this musical, it just makes me feel so alive.

Everytime I watch this I can’t help but smile and look forward to going to school for musical theatre or filmmaking...whatever I choose to do really. It just has this kind of uplifting affect on me which is really nice. Plus Ben Cook, holy shit this mf plays such a good Racetrack Hogans. Literally my favourite actor on Broadway, everyone else get good.

However one thing this musical will never have is Christian Bale who is always the better Jack like cmon pshhhh😒

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