Miles Emanuel

Miles Emanuel

The 8000th day of my life will be May 24th, 2021. I have already seen 8000 feature films.

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  • Bonjour Tristesse

    Bonjour Tristesse


    Let us think of these things, and speak of them never.

  • Oh, Woe Is Me

    Oh, Woe Is Me


    Tout dormait, comme si l'univers entier était une vaste erreur.

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  • Cinéastes de notre temps: Luis Buñuel

    Cinéastes de notre temps: Luis Buñuel


    "What authors influenced you? Freud?"

    "How was Él received in Mexico?"
    "It was more successful than Chaplin. We split our guts laughing."

    "If I had as many guns in France or Spain as I have in Mexico, they'd put me away for 30 years. I have about 80."

    "The relationship between the characters is very Spanish, isn't it?"
    "No, it's universal. It could be in Russia. It could be in Pittsburgh. If I were paranoid, that's what I would do if my wife were unfaithful. Maybe I'd sew up my wife too."

  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf


    Henry Graham says, "The only difference between us is I am a man and you are a woman and we don't have to let that interfere if we are reasonably careful." One facet of May's infinite genius in this film is her demonstration of just how irrevocably Henry's perspective, which drives the film by and large, is thrown for a loop by Henrietta's value judgments, forcing him to discount his perception entirely ("I have no mind as far as I…