Occult ★★★½

I don’t know if a lot of people can say the same thing but: Lately I’ve been thinking about Koji Shiraishi a lot? His movies are always quite the experience. Whether the one you’re watching is good or not is... completely subjective. (I’ve only completely hated one of his so far. Guess which one and you get a cookie.)

I went into this one blind and was pleasantly surprised by how organic the whole thing turned out to be.

Other things:
- I loved the cameo and laughed way too much.
- If God wants you to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, you go see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
- He didn’t even bother wearing a more concealing coat? And yet no one noticed him and stopped him???
- There aren’t a lot of answers. But that’s to be expected. I liked the story anyway.
- I thought there was way less awful CGI in this compared to his other found footage films... and then the ending happened and I cried with laughter. Goddammit.

Don’t go changing, Shiraishi-san!

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