"Every visit to the cinema leaves me, against all my vigilance, stupider and worse."

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  • The Santa Clause 2

    The Santa Clause 2


    always gonna root for tim the toolman santa to save christmas by boning down with a lady from lost

  • The Rage: Carrie 2

    The Rage: Carrie 2


    this is either a three star or a half-star movie and i can't decide which so i'm splitting the difference like a coward.

    i mean it's actually a half-star, but i found so much of what was wrong about it so very very funny that aside from a 20-30 minute drag before the climax i will remember it more distinctly and fondly than many actually decent movies.

    love when nancy from peep show steals a lipstick from the mall and gives it to the main character for her big date but then when she's on the big date she's wearing different lipstick.

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  • Somewhere



    There's a discomfiting commentary on gender and performance embedded in two scenes that happen in close conjunction. Two women in sexy tennis outfits perform a strip tease to Amerie's "1 Thing" for Dorff's character in his hotel room. He lays back in his bed, engaged but non-participatory. When they finish he claps. Later Elle Fanning skates around an ice rink spinning and dancing to Gwen Stefani's "Cool," her outfit more modest but not extremely so. Dorff's posture is similar as…

  • Rushmore



    This is probably one of the few films I enjoy that I have a strong personal history with. A complicated history that makes me feel unreasonably attached to the film. Most movies I liked when I was younger I rewatch and don't like. I don't have a lot of respect for my taste as a youth, especially as a teenager. This is a film that I have liked, more or less, ever since I saw it. I loved it as…