Somewhere ★★★★

There's a discomfiting commentary on gender and performance embedded in two scenes that happen in close conjunction. Two women in sexy tennis outfits perform a strip tease to Amerie's "1 Thing" for Dorff's character in his hotel room. He lays back in his bed, engaged but non-participatory. When they finish he claps. Later Elle Fanning skates around an ice rink spinning and dancing to Gwen Stefani's "Cool," her outfit more modest but not extremely so. Dorff's posture is similar as he watches her and when he claps it's with almost the exact same level of enthusiasm. Both performances exist for his sake. In the former the link between sportsmanship and sexiness is a strong part of the appeal, as the two dancers use tennis rackets as props to mock spank each other and highlight their choreography. In the latter we pretend that link doesn't exist. That because she's a child the short skirt and leotard are part of the costume, with no intention towards titillation. It's a disquieting moment.

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