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  • The Host

    The Host


    Well, they can’t all be perfect. :(

    I still enjoyed this a lot - especially certain scenes, which I won’t spoil here. But unfortunately this one suffers from pacing issues and a very weak second act. I’m happy that this did so well commercially though, as without it we’d probably never have the Bong Joon-ho we know today. And hey, I still prefer it to Okja.

    Added to my 2021 Global Cinema Challenge list.

  • Friend



    At just a brisk 20 minutes, I wasn’t really expecting much from this. Yet, it was super impactful! The closing shot is haunting in the best possible way, and even though this isn’t very different from most assimilation stories, I also appreciated how this is a film from Kosovo. There’s an air of personal connection here which you don’t see often. 

    Added to my 2021 Global Cinema Challenge list.

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  • Soul



    My name on here is GhostofGhibli as a reference to my massive love for animated movies; but, specifically I should probably change it to PhantomofPixar, for my love of Pixar is even larger than my love of Studio Ghibli.

    I say that because, even though this is five stars, it’s nowhere near my favorite Pixar films. It’s probably 13th or 14th out of 23, with room to more-than-likely rise to a maximum of 12th. I didn’t love it, but I…

  • Snowpiercer



    Loved it. I was a bit worried since the one Bong Joon-ho movie I don’t like is his other English film, but this was great in my opinion. A fantastic premise, nearly-perfect execution, and amazing direction (as is always the case for Joon-ho).

    I’ve seen the Snowpiercer series too, and I think that’s a great route for a story like this. Sure, the movie is a complete story but it’s also so ripe for a franchise. 

    I also really appreciate this since…