Free Guy

Free Guy ★★

Free Guy might as well have been a Lego movie; its basically the same in tone and general condescension to its audience. But It didn’t annoy me. There were like 2 decent jokes, I love Joe Keery, and even more than that I love the concept of objective reality and AI becoming self aware. 
It could have done better with its choices- especially when it comes to its white savior complex, but you also can’t tell me that the barista and the “eye candy” turned novelist didn’t fall in love and start their own sapphic cafe. In a weird meta universe those characters within a game within a movie sortof exist. Right? 
I had a dream the other night that this tv show character told me he experienced and felt all of the scenarios I  made up about them - Episodes id written in my head to continue the show- Because thoughts themselves were in fact its own plain of existence. I felt bad all day because I’d subjected him to very depressing scenarios. Now I’m kinda afraid to write, haha. Existence is wild. What even is it? Whats real? Its all subjective.

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