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  • Basic Instinct

    Basic Instinct


    In the Verhoven canon; I probably ruined the shock value of first-watching this after seeing Showgirls at 16.

    A serviceable American giallo, for sure.

    But apparently, Sharon Stone owes her career-long stone cold foxiness to Kim Novak in Vertigo...

    Mmm'kay, good to know...

    I'm more of a Jeanne Tripplehorn kinda guy anyway...

    Bonus points for the character actor heaven that is the SFPD: George Dzundza! Wayne Knight! Chelcie Ross! Mitch Pleggi!

    And for that equal parts-Innerspace and The Omen score from Goldsmith: as cold and sharp as the ice pick itself.

  • Graveyard Shift

    Graveyard Shift


    A ★★★★ review of Graveyard Shift by Sofa Sinema on Letterboxd

    Took the words right outta my mouth.

    1000% percent agree with all of the above.

    **Fun Fact!**

    Stephen Macht (Sean and Phoebe's dad in Monster Squad!!!) to this day gets trolled by his own sons for his hideous Maine accent.

    Apparently, they randomly call him and just quote lines from his performance in this film and hang up.

    (Source: interview with Stephen Macht on Scream Factory's blu-ray.)

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  • Malignant



    33 % old school, Dead Silence-era James Wan, dripping in his patented atmospherics that I love so much: fog, neon, overhead shots, and the only director working today that can efficiently and effectively pull off jump scares.

    33 % 90s Darkman / Army of Darkness-era Sam Raimi splat-stick pyrotechnic stunt show silliness, Dutch angles and zooms and dreary, noir-y set pieces that I had forgotten how much I loved and realized has been missing in my life for far too…

  • Scream



    The re-watch-ability factor on this one just somehow never diminishes. And, true: the nostalgia goggles here are pretty thick, but...

    Growing up with my horror-kid/slasher-loving mother who just instilled into my young psyche a deep, dark appreciation for this much maligned, "junk food for the brain" this was a no-brainer for my 13th birthday weekend movie pick just weeks after Scream's release and early into its then growing, word-of-mouth reputation.

    In 1996, Scream felt like it was designed just to…