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  • The Company You Keep

    The Company You Keep


    A much to talky political thriller with a good star cast. Sadly not enough screen time for the gorgeous Anna Kendrick.

  • Firewall



    Wasted potential of a good star cast. All too routine mainstream hollywood thriller. There is no chemistry between Virginia Madsen and Harrison ford. In my opinion Paul Bettany is one of the most overrated actors of its time. I never liked him that much except for his role in A Knight's Tale. There he
    was excellent. As an acion thriller its definitly not enough action. At the end a little bit but nothing special. Why are so great actors like Robert Foster and Alan Arkin in such short and meaningless suporting roles???It's just a pity.

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  • Unhinged



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I missed this film to watch in the movie theatre before the lockdown. My girlfriend an I watched it today on Dvd and felt very entertained by it. It's a non stop action thrill ride with lots if brutal moments. Russel Crow played on of the biggest asshole maniacs who has nothing to loose in film history. And seriously we don't get many of the harsh reviews about it. I mean sitting on the couch it's so easy to say…

  • Bloodsport



    Based on the true story of soldier Frank Dux this is an eightees karate/kung fu classic. The very young JCVD Impresses with immense physical power and kick ass fighting spirit. Ok, nowadays it looked all a bit cheasy compared to films like the Ip Man series or Ong Bak for example, but in the past it was, and for me still is , one of the best and most succesful martial arts films. Specially on Vhs in the uncut version…