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  • In a Year with 13 Moons
  • The Angelic Conversation
  • Twice a Man
  • Tropical Malady
  • Blue

Best of Queer Cinema

159 films

“I think of the area of magic as a metaphor for the homosexual situation. You know, magic which is banned…

  • Sanrizuka - Heta Village
  • Dokkoi! Songs from the Bottom
  • Narita: Peasants of the Second Fortress
  • Farewell to the Land
  • Fire Festival

Favorite First-Watches of 2020

50 films

Ranked in order of favorite directors

Major directors that I have seen multiple works this year: 1. Shinsuke Ogawa (3)…

  • Wrong Harmonies
  • Jerovi
  • The Illiac Passion
  • Himself as Herself
  • A Strange Love Affair

Missing/ Lost Films Wish List

47 films

This is a list of unavailable films or films without English Subtitles that I have been dying to see (lmao…

  • Poetry
  • Raavanan
  • Maryada Ramanna
  • Road to Nowhere
  • A Separation

Favorite of the 2010s

47 films

In chronological order

  • The Prisoner
  • Secrets Behind the Wall
  • Student Guerrilla
  • Sex Jack
  • A Woman in Revolt
  • When the Tenth Month Comes
  • The Guava House
  • The Girl on the River
  • A Time Far Past
  • People We Met
  • The A Phu Couple
  • The Moon in the Foreign Land
  • Karma
  • The Last Distance Between Us
  • Brothers

Films I have added to Letterboxd

29 films

Mostly Vietnamese classic films

  • Twice a Man
  • That Old Dream That Moves
  • Song of Love
  • Looking for Langston
  • Fireworks
  • The Bridges of Madison County
  • Thoovanathumbikal
  • All Around Us
  • White Nights on the Pier
  • Touch
  • In Search of Famine
  • Khandhar
  • And Quiet Rolls the Dawn
  • The Case Is Closed
  • Kaleidoscope

Mrinal Sen

11 films

“I don’t agree with Godard when he says that the cinema is a gun. That is too romantic an expression.…

  • Personal Problems
  • At the Top of the Stairs
  • Bound for the Fields, the Mountains, and the Seacoast
  • When the Tenth Month Comes
  • Terrorizers
  • The Original Sin
  • The Captain from Kopenick
  • The Last Bridge
  • Great Freedom No. 7
  • Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Helmut Käutner ranked

10 films

Tier 1 (1-4): Masterpieces Tier 2 (5-6): Very good Tier 3 (7-10)