Blindspotting ★★★★½

Damn, I regret not watching this film on the big screen, but can you blame me? It seems that it had a really short run here in Mexico and very few theaters were projecting it. Such a shame really because the director is mexican-american!


I loved this film so fuckin' much! The two main characters are so memorable I don't think I'm ever going to forget them. The story of Collins is pretty heavy, but the script gives him and Miles (and the audience, by proxy) some time to breath and have a good time.

These two are so great together, but part of the conflict is that one is a bad influence to the other. It kept me wondering: What would I do in that situation? How do you end a decades long friendship?. I don't know why but it hit the right notes for me.

That ending shouldn't work by any means and if you sit down and think about it, it could've been pretty ridiculous. But I don't know man, somehow it worked. Maybe it's because we're invested in the characters so much anything they do by that point is going to feel natural and we're gonna accept it no matter what.

Definitely one of the best films of last year. Watch it if you haven't already!

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