Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Much can be said about the craziness that is this movie. It’s Snyder’s return to zombie movies, but this one may even be a bit crazier and in some ways maybe even a little better. The premise is excellent. Setting a heist movie with Bautista in the lead role, in an apocalyptic Vegas, and making an action horror out of it. It makes for a total blast of a zombie movie that really should be seen. 

All of the characters are pretty interesting, and it really helps out the movie a lot. You invest quickly in a lot of them, and some even have some interesting directions that I didn’t expect from them. Bautista was great in the role, and he really showed off his range in this movie as well. Plenty of great stuff going on here. The gore was crazy as well, and this movie wasn’t afraid to get bloody either. 

Overall, Army of the Dead is another successful film from Snyder. I will agree that some of the cinematography is really nice, however every once in a while it looks a little stale especially given the tone and style of the movie. Really though that would be a nitpick, and there’s no sense in that here. Your having far too good of a time to ever care about something like that, so let’s just leave that at Vegas, and give this great movie a watch.

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