The Others ★★★★★

Oh my actual god. I don't do serious reviews but I told a friend I would and omg like this film. I'll start by mentioning that i don't like horror/thrillers AT ALL and the only reason i'll go near any of them is if there's an actress I like in the lead role.

Enter Nicole Kidman.

She was so so good and the supporting cast particularly Fionnula Flanagan did really well too. Grace was a really interesting character bc usually you feel a sense of trust with the protagonist, you know like all this weird shit is happening to HER and you're rooting for them. But Nicole played it really well so you were like never 100% sure you knew what she was up to but her reactions to everything were really genuine and innocent. The plot twist kind of reframes everything that comes before it so it's hard to talk about a lot of it. It got me twice though like you kinda figure out the first one and you're feeling pretty on to it even though like... its super obvious and then the second one just like blind sides you. Brilliant.

The whole thing with her husband was pretty snoozy though tbh and I wish Michelle Fairley could have had more screen time but yassss loved it. It wasn't filled with all that jump scare, gross gore rubbish which i hate either but it still had me hiding behind a pillow. So yes a new fave for sure. Apparently i can cope with PG 13 horror/thriller films lmao

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