Ready Player One ★★★★

Is this the best film ever made? no, but it makes me happy. Spielberg just knows how to make big, fun films. I’ve seen this film three times now and every time it entertains the ever-loving sh*t out of me. I find the film so enthralling from start to finish. It’s not a perfect film but I can’t help but love it, I’m a massive fan of the 80s and this film’s stuffed with music and references from the time. I’ve heard people say Ready Player One uses nostalgia and references as a crutch but it doesn’t really bother me, as long as it makes sense for the story and isn’t forced. The story requires a lot of pop culture references for the world to make sense and the buzz you get from seeing a DeLorean or the Iron Giant is just a bonus. I really love The Oasis, the way it looks and is designed is really cool and unbelievably creative. Honestly seeing the film on a smaller screen it can get a little crowded sometimes because there’s so much going on. The whole concept of a virtual world existing in a really poverty stricken dystopian reality adds another level of escapism to the film. The tone can be a little incongruous sometimes just because there is such a vast divergence in the two worlds. There’s so much depth to the world and the CGI is so realistic. You want a blockbuster done right, it’s always gonna be Spielberg.

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