Possessor ★★★★½

I really did love this movie even if it didn't quite reach its fullest potential. Both leads do an excellent job of bleeding into one another and are provided with a terrific high concept and a craving for excessive violence.

While the film's use of gratuitous violence and grisly practical effects are very satisfying and fit in thematically, I kind of secretly wish this had a bit of a higher body count, despite that contradicting its deconstructive purpose. Also while it was unintentionally super funny that all the characters were constantly vaping, I can't help but feel that it really sort of undermined its brooding tone.

Despite that Possessor still totally delivers through its voyeuristic camera work, unique approach to body horror, and fantastic performances. All of which makes it very easy for me to forgive any of its shortcomings and soak in its fever-dream aesthetic.

☁️4 vapes and a firepoker out of 5💨

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