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  • Until the End of the World
  • Solaris
  • Knight of Cups
  • The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

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  • Hostiles


  • Magic in the Moonlight


  • Querelle


  • The Courier


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  • Hostiles



    what makes scott cooper’s revisionist western, hostiles, something special and unique is that, besides fulfilling rather decently what’s expected from films of the genre, it also provides a striking observation of how people define themselves according to established social roles.

    the main conflict in the film, the coloniser versus the native, is something imposed by circumstance upon the characters, that do the best they within the possibilities of the side they’re in. they settle into their predefined roles without much…

  • Magic in the Moonlight

    Magic in the Moonlight


    woody was feeling cheeky and thought he’d be innovative so, instead of making his main character a pathetic whiny man like he always does, he made him only whiny instead! i like the whole “love is magic” thing but colin’s character was so annoying and one noted, justice for hamish linklater’s brice, who wouldn’t marry a rich dude who serenades you??


Popular reviews

  • Senna



    brazilian people need food, education, health and a little bit of joy... and now that joy is gone.

    ayrton died four years before i was born. still after all this time, one of the first things that come up when talking about him, along with his many qualities as a sportsman and person is, unfortunately, his tragic death. my mum didn’t watch that fateful imola gp but she, as the rest of the country, cried when she found out what…

  • Minari



    although for me minari was quite a disappointment, it is objectively rather decent, with beautiful cinematography and soundtrack and competent performances. nevertheless, since my reviews can only reflect my perspective and personal experience with the film in question i can’t help criticising it and the aspects that in my opinion prevented it from achieving a higher level of quality.

    the problem basically is that there’s a lot of nice and cute package for little actual content. the intentions making it…