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  • When Harry Met Sally...

    When Harry Met Sally...


    Alex: 9/10
    Pat: 9/10

    Don't mind us, just two dudes spending a Monday evening watching one of the best rom-coms of all-time.

  • Logan



    Alex: 10/10
    Pat: 9/10

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  • The Exorcist

    The Exorcist


    Alex: 8/10
    Pat: 9/10 (rewatch)

  • True Grit

    True Grit


    Alex: 7/10
    Pat: 7/10 (rewatch)

    I think the scores would have been higher if we understood what anyone was saying! Jeff Bridges is incomprehensible in this, he just mumbles 'mmmmrrhh...horse...mmmmrrhh...gun...mmmmrrhh...stupid girl' throughout.