A Fish Called Wanda ★★★★

A Fish Called Wanda is a heist comedy which subscribes to the classic adage of anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It’s written by and stars John Cleese as a barrister named Archie Leach (Cary Grant's real name) and features a cast which also comprises of Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin and Kevin Kline. It contains a few memorable scenes and is smart enough to demonstrate that it adequately understands that it would be a misstep to surrender to the turmoil entirely.

Directed by Charles Crichton (The Lavender Hill Mob), the film succeeds in being a basis of fun and laughter mostly as a consequence of its witty script, which arranges it's events so that they develop in unsuspecting directions for the characters. Cleese is particularly delightful as he repeatedly plunges further into awkward predicaments and then attempts to climb to the surface. A Fish Called Wanda largely achieves in being an entertaining and humorous movie.

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