Forbidden Planet ★★★★

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s visual effects and art departments were ostensibly waiting to hurl themselves at the opportunity to create a sci-fi film, and they wholeheartedly seized the chance in bringing the imaginations of director Fred M. Wilcox to fruition, who before this was known primarily for a succession of Lassie movies. The original script, which takes many of its inspirations from William Shakespeare's The Tempest, possesses an impressive vision of culturally advanced society as well as an alien civilisation to remarkable realisation, as it follows a crew on a starship examining a human settlement on a planet that only possesses two survivors.

The principal cast members of Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen swirl around the casual and gently propagated lascivious insinuations and comical routines to the presumable bewilderment of Robby the Robot; a significant and memorable addition to the cast courtesy of creator Robert Kinoshita, who bestows an amusingly dry sense of humour to the thoughtfully designed robot as he wanders around the large sets. The art department comprehended what the director required for the production and run amok with defining the sets and constructing detailed props to boost the formulation of a significant and hugely influential science fiction film.