Mr. Deeds Goes to Town ★★★★½

Crowded with the conventional trademarks of a Frank Capra movie, Mr Deeds Goes to Town is a romantic comedy on how the decent and upstanding manner of one person can influence others in constructive ways. Based on author Clarence Budington Kelland’s 1935 short story Opera Hat, and with the layout of bringing a countryside resident and placing them in a big city environment is an aged storyline, this being one of them, watching the confrontation of society sophistication somehow remains timeless.

Gary Cooper brings about an excellent portrayal of Mr Longfellow Deeds, providing a natural intelligence and the sense of honesty which the character’s delivery requires. It all comes alive on the screen with the direction of Capra and the assistance of Jean Arthur, in her debut screen performance, as the beautiful and adventurous journalist Babe Bennett. The ultimate delight of the movie though comes from its message: that the tenderness and warmth of human nature are capable of achieving a great deal.

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