Since I have more than 4 favorite films the 4 displayed here are just the latest favs that I watched or rewatched.

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  • Wife of a Spy

    Wife of a Spy


    waves crashing over a desolate beach giving shelter only to the cries of lone woman in mourning. the nation burns, a marriage is lost and a promise is broken. bleaker than some of his horror films.

  • Nazar



    mani kaul does not miss. just about one of the most beautiful films ever. not a beauty that leaves you breathless but one that slows your breath down to the point where your heart beats to the same slow rhythm of it's formal language.

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  • Texasville



    Everyone has sex with each other and everyone is kinda sad.
    Great film.

  • Great Day in the Morning

    Great Day in the Morning


    It's only about gold and war. Greed and power. And in a world like that love is just another word for the male sexual desire, one that you just take but never give. Tourneur filters this male-centered worldview critically through the presence of two intelligent woman. One hates the love she has because it is a one-sided affair and the other one believes in the power of her emotion, to sacrifice herself for it, and at the end the hero…