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  • Dead Pigs

    Dead Pigs


    A great film! So many memorable images (a lone house in a bulldozed town, a team of hair stylists chanting military-style) and weaves stories well. One moment made me LAUGH SO HARD. Happy I watched.

  • Pierrot le Fou

    Pierrot le Fou


    Psycho movie. Many amazing scenes. Vertical exploded car for no reason. Very funny. (Also one very bad yellow face racist scene!!!)

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  • I Was a Simple Man

    I Was a Simple Man


    Cried! Slow but accrued weight and ultimately felt rewarding.

  • Diamantino



    A wild ride. Love a sweetheart idiot protagonist. Def some iffy moments but LOVED the energy of it. Come for the psycho campy twin sisters and stay for the sexy nice man who loves Bongo juice.