Good Time

Good Time ★★★★½

9/10 | First Watch, 2017 | Prime Video, iTunes 15 | After two brothers rob a bank, one is arrested and it’s Robert Pattinson’s job (he’s the other brother) to get his brother out of jail. Wow, A24 is amazing. They make such incredible decisions on what movies to produce it just astonishes me. Good Time is another great movie by A24. That’s not to say it’s without its flaws, but it is a great film. Let’s start off with Robert Pattinson. His performance was robbed of a nomination. You really grow to despise him throughout the movie, and he does that so well. This movie really does revolve around him for the entire runtime, and you really get to see some of the horrible things he does. He toys with emotions, manipulates, and lies. He’s a horrible character that is so much fun to watch. The cinematography is beautiful in its ugliness. Colors are stylistically devoid of color unless it’d be realistic for them to be colorful. Everything feels real and gritty but not low budget. The first 20 minutes fly by, and the rest of the movie zips by too. However, there is a 5 minute stretch that I felt was repetitive and could’ve been cut even though it was technically necessary to establish a relationship. That’s pretty much it. Good Time is extremely good. It takes a lot of risks by never really introducing a character that is fun or nice. You grow to hate most everyone, and that is a really respectable risk that the filmmakers took. The movie is helmed almost perfectly despite a few moments of mess ups. I almost wanted a little more from the ending, but it worked with the rest of the movie. It’s a shame it didn’t get nominated for any Oscars, but watch it anyway if you’re interested in awards season movies. Warning: very brief shot of thrusting, language, some beatings (but they’re actually pretty brief and easy to close eyes during), and drug references (whole subplot at end of 2nd act dealing with acid).