Avengers: Age of Ultron ★★

My dad had forgotten he'd seen this, probably because he slept through half of it at the theater.

For a bit I was thinking that I'd been too harsh on it, but then that goddamn third act starts. A painfully boring display of soulless, weightless destruction porn, and those Whedon quips I hate in all of these goddamn things (Except Guardians and Iron Man since those are actually comedies). I know a lot of people like them but they just take me out of the experience, make me remember I'm watching a movie. Like the characters don't even care what's happening, why should I? This is especially true of Ultron, a letdown of a villain.

Speaking of not caring no joke Slipknot's death in Suicide Squad got more emotion out of me than Quicksilver's.

The end credits theme is one of the few in these movies I actually really like though

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