Avengers: Age of Ultron ★★★½

Eh fuck it, you win Kevin Feige,

Took me four tries, but now I can see the merits here. This movie was actually where my dissolutionment with the MCU began. I loved the first Avengers but was disappointed with how its sequel turned out, particularly after the misleading marketing sold something else.

I still maintain some of my complaints, there are some scenes go on too long or could have been cut, Whedon's jokes get old, the whole Hulk/Black Widow thing is ill advised (I don't think the filmmakers meant to imply that Natasha is a monster for being sterile, but goddamn is it not worded well) but it did finally click as the messy piece of comic book fun it was intended to be. I've been way too harsh on both Ultron as a character and the action scenes, the former more effective an adversary than I gave him credit for, and the latter fun in its excess while giving all the characters something to do. The first Avengers accomplished all the boring work of setting everything up while this is simply allowed to have fun with the characters before the grand finale.

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