Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

A film that gets better every time I see it.

The Safdie Brothers are both seriously great talents that I’m glad to have in my lifetime. Their style is miraculous and riveting.

The best thing about this film is the writing combined with the pace. Since these directors have grown up in this environment, every single character feels real and authentic to the location. The camerawork especially helps with the realism, having a gritty tone that makes have this documentary feel to it. It’s brilliant filmmaking and puts on the edge of your seat. The chaotic music and close-up shots give you the feeling of anxiety. And don’t even get me started and the fantastic performances. 

This is a film I could watch everyday. My favorite film from the 2010s decade and an all-time favorite for sure. The Safdie’s will no doubt in my mind greatly inspire a new generation of some of the greatest filmmakers of all-time.


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