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  • Sweet Smell of Success


  • The Creatures


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  • Sweet Smell of Success

    Sweet Smell of Success

    In the 20th century, the only opinion that matters is the public opinion. Public opinion is religion. And in New York, JJ Hunesecker is god. His face is plastered all over the city's trucks and buildings like crosses nailed to walls.

    Money and power go in hand in hand. Money and power are one and the same. There are several people in this motion picture who have power, but only Hunesecker can push people like chess pieces into doing things…

  • The Creatures

    The Creatures

    Oh wow. People on this app seem to generally not care too much for this particular film but I really, really enjoyed it. Perhaps The Boxd's patrons repudiate The Creatures as part of the Varda canon because it's really not much of a Varda film- her directorial choices absolutely reek of Bergman influence- but is that such a disfavourable thing? Assuming you're comfortable with a legendary filmmaker departing from their usual style, why is the finished product displaying faint echoes…

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  • The Graduate

    The Graduate

    "... Plastics."

    There's such a sense of disconnection from the camera to Ben. Where as usually, the camera follows the main character, Ben has to keep up with this one- and he doesn't really want to. Everything else seems so steady in its way, so firmly in its cycle, where as the expressionless Benjamin, with barely enough will to hold himself standing, floats up the escelator as if he were some cursed ghost. Obviously we also hear the electric version…

  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead

    I barely heard anything comprehensive about this film, actually only reading the vague outline of this film's plot whilst researching the ins-and-outs of Petzold's anachronistic setting in his 2019 film, Transit. So delving into the second installment in George A. Romero's "The Dead" trilogy, I had not the slightest inkling as to what this would be like, and I was surprised nonetheless. This could not be more divergent to the roots previously layed out "Night" without not being about zombies…