Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★½

Diving straight into the action that we’re all here to see right, this movie hits the ground running and never lets up. Unlike its predecessor in the Godzilla franchise it’s excellently paced and never feels drawn out. Once again the action scenes between the clashing titans are superb, and this time around there is the added benefit of human characters that we actually care about, and motivations driving the plot that actually make sense. 

Kong really is the heart of this movie, and his relationship with Jia (a small girl native to Skull Island) in particular is what gives the film the necessary depth to elevate it above earlier films in the series. Millie Bobby Brown also returns, this time with far more to do in a more pivotal role, and sharing her screen time with Julian Dennison and Brian Tyree Henry; the three of whom together make an extremely entertaining trio with a lot of great chemistry. 

Ultimately, this is a movie that succeeds in just about every way that it’s predecessors (particularly Godzilla: King of the Monsters) fail. Finally nailing the balance that a great monster movie requires; it’s fun, action packed, and even manages to be heartwarming. Whatever direction the MonsterVerse takes moving forward, it had better deliver something truly special, as the bar is now set considerably higher.

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