Malignant ★★★★

Malignant makes or breaks with its twist, one that is surprisingly original and is sure to catapult the film into cult status in the years to come. The set up for the twist was actually very plain to see, you could easily guess what's gonna happen as you watch the film but at the very last moment Wan pulls the rug from under you and executes a magnificent revelation. It gives us a bat shit crazy third act that you're either all in or all out.

It first shocked me how bad the writing and acting was when the film began. I wondered how Wan's return to the horror genre could be seemingly second-rate but then it clicked and I saw what Wan was going for. There is so much cheese and camp straight out of a 80s horror film, and he plays into so many tropes but it all is used purposefully - often in service of that twist and mental third act. The means don't always justify the end but it sure makes for a great time in the end.

I remember watching the trailer for Malignant where James Wan says that audiences are clamouring for something original only for the trailer to then continue like every other horror film in recent memory. That one trailer created very low expectations going into this. As bad as the marketing was, now having seen Malignant, its clear that there was no easy way for WB to have marketed it without spoiling it. Also, I am reallyyyy loving these posters for the film!

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