Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Army of the Dead is a BIG win for Zack Snyder. An innovative spin on the zombie genre that reconnects him w/his roots delivering an explosive, gnarly, action-packed thrill ride! Surprisingly personal, self reflection on fatherhood I found touching. Zack is back!

I’m a big fan of how Snyder constructs his opening credits and OH MAN Army of the Dead opens with a BANG! Arguably his best titles to date!

Dave Bautista not only continues to impress me as a performer, but as someone actively looking to improve his craft. He’s one of the hardest working actors & this film beautifully showcases his leading man abilities.

Also...Army of the Dead marks the first time in a LONG time zombies are terrifying again! An impressive effective display of practicality, screen presence of the zombie actors & imposing silhouettes. Zeus is the zombie of nightmares!

Some of the dialogue & comedy didn’t quite land, but man does this seem like the most fun Snyder had making a movie in a WHILE & it shows. Great subversion of zombie tropes & an all around Awesome time at the movies. Couldn’t be happier for him. MUST SEE in a theater!

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