Old ½

I…somehow M. Night has managed to make a film more unintentionally funny than The Happening, but after a while the humor becomes painful and Old sinks close to the bottom of Night’s filmography.

I’d genuinely like to know what the actual fuck was going on with Night’s direction and cinematography for 90% of the time. This legitimately might be his WORST shot and directed film. Yeah, he’s known for his clunky dialogue, stilted performances, and cringe writing but good GOD man it should be a CRIME to make 3 INCREDIBLE actors in Vicky Krieps, Alex Wolff, and Thomison McKenzie look THIS atrocious. I actually feel bad for them. I feel like I’m watching a filmmaker who’s just completely forgotten how to function as a craftsman. So much of the structure and pacing is an incoherent spiraling mess.

I felt nothing. At no moment did I care, understand, or empathize with these “characters” and every small attempt was thwarted by such fucking awkward and inhuman interactions. Abysmal…just absolutely abysmal.

Night….dawg…idk what to tell you, go back to film school or SOMETHING…

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