Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ★★★★

There’s simply one word to describe At World’s End...E P I C. While it might not be the case, my lord does this exciting conclusion look and act like the most expensive movie ever made. I mean DAMN. The maelstrom climax ranks among the greatest 3rd acts ever put to film. The emotional payoff, conclusion to character arcs, pacing, balancing, Gore Verbinski completes the triple crown with At World’s End. It’s less refined, more melodramatic, and definitely gets tangled up in its web of double crosses and plot points, but where it matters most, Verbinski is able to steer the ship nicely into port. The series should’ve ended here, PERIOD. Simply put, Verbinski’s Pirates trilogy is one of the greatest adventure trilogies of all time.

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