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  • Miss Juneteenth

    Miss Juneteenth


    In honor of the national holiday, we watched this film. The level of financial strife and family dynamics keeps the tension high throughout. The film ends on a satisfying note. The women actors are excellent throughout, and there are many.

    Guest appearance by Opal Lee, who we have to thank for the tireless campaign sets of 2-1/2 miles for Juneteenth as a national holiday. Also, some history around the holiday is discussed throughout the Miss Juneteenth rehearsals.

  • Gravity



    Gravity, AKA PTSD: the Movie......in Space!

    This film is a life affirming thrill ride. An intense 90 minutes.

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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    A brutally honest satire and extremely effective and well crafted exploitation film. Very intense but it does provides its trigger warnings up front. One of the best movies of the year. Mandatory viewing.

  • Spontaneous Combustion

    Spontaneous Combustion


    I had always been obsessed and terrified by the VHS box art and concept so hadn't had a way to see it until now, thanks to Amazon Prime. Outstanding! Well worth the wait. I didn't know that I needed Firestarter blended with the madness of Lifeforce but I'm thankful it exists. Also, Dourif is amazing as always.