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  • The Nest

    The Nest


    A complete and wonderful surprise to me, Sean Durkin's The Nest tells a fairly conventional drama tale led by superb lead and side performances and gives the entire experience and extremely uncomfortable and dread fueled edge.

    Complimenting but never outshining it's stars is the film's score composed by Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry. This is his first solo film effort and it's clear he understood the vision of Durkin's script, adding cello, piano and flutes together to form a deceptively…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Sandler's infamous reputation he's accumulated over the past decade and a half fizzles away for 129 minutes with an almost return to form performance being the sole driving force for the Safdie's most recent but now tired modus operandi. This being an onslaught of stress and anxiety for a particularly hapless New York citizen, the only real difference being the superimposed glitz and glamour of shiny diamonds and pretty lights.

    Benny and Josh create almost the evil clone of Sandler's…

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  • Hazbin Hotel

    Hazbin Hotel

    Haha gay haha

  • Us



    Jordan Peele's a pretty good comedian, cause this movie is a fucking joke.