Avengers: Infinity War ★★★

It is a very, very good third act that never really bothers with a first or second act. Which is maybe fair for what it’s doing? Most of its emotional impact and personal stakes comes almost entirely from having watched the previous films. Which is, again, maybe fair? I mean, it does what it says on the tin. Is it worth spending a couple dozen hours to get to this? I don’t think so, but some no doubt do.

I do have two points that are less fair.

1) When it tries to establish new(ish) stakes, it fails miserably. You can tell they think they nailed it too, which is kind of sad. They also have the same scene with different characters like 4 times. I mean, I get that themes are supposed to rhyme and whatnot, but there should be variation in the repetition. This was like trying to rhyme “sky” with “sky” several times in a row.

2) People say the film is “bold” and “daring” for its ending. It is not. If anything, it pulls its punches, which weirdly makes you even more sure it will all be undone next year anyways.