Black Panther ★★★★

I thought it was great over all, and I loved the soundtrack and art direction. Its politics are admirable too, although perhaps not as far removed from political concerns the MCU has had since the first IRON MAN (i.e., what responsibility does a nation have to the rest of the world). Obviously this being focused on an African nation alters the reading of that theme, but it is a variation, not a radical departure. 

It was funny and charming too, although it keeps up the tradition of Marvel action being pretty bad (with the exception of the car chase through Busan, which was good). I really don’t get it here either. The boxing scenes in Creed were so good, it’s not like he forgot to shoot action. CGI might make it harder, but even the CGI-lite fights were sloppy. It’s a weird House Style tic that I can’t really explain.