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  • Tomorrow at Seven

    Tomorrow at Seven

    A mystery writer becomes interested in a serial killer whose calling card is a Black Ace.

    We start with a far-fetched meet-cute on a train, then the writer continues his investigations with a craggy old dude and his gentleman secretary. A couple of halfwit cops show up. (Chicago cops; NYC accents.)

    Everyone flees to Louisiana. Settle in for a traditional spooky old house / cozy mystery.

    They strive mightily for that elusive scary-jokey tone that was so popular, but alas:…

  • Danger Flight

    Danger Flight


    A squeaky-clean pilot mentors a bunch of cute kids (who wear tiny adorable leather aviator caps with goggles) while protecting the payroll of a construction site.

    Buckle up for a little mild peril. There are bad guys, of course, and they have a convoluted plan to get their mitts on that payroll, on our way to the far-fetched ending.

    John Trent is blandly appealing as Tailspin Tommy, with Marjorie Reynolds as a cute colleague and Milburn Stone as his radio…

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  • The Mystery of Mr. Wong

    The Mystery of Mr. Wong


    Brendan Edwards (Morgan Wallace) is kind of a jerk, but he's throwing a big party, to be attended by Mr. Wong (Boris Karloff) the celebrated detective.

    At the party, he shows Wong the Eye of the Daughter of the Moon, a precious sapphire, which he got hold of after the looting of Nanking. Other guests include Mrs. Edwards, Prof. Janney the criminologist, Harrison the handsome secretary, and Strogonoff, some kind of hanger-on / music student.

    Time for some amateur theatricals....which…

  • The Pajama Game

    The Pajama Game


    The new superintendent of an Iowa pajama factory (John Raitt) has his hands full: the unruly unionized staff is demanding a 7 1/2 cent raise, and their 'grievance committee' (Doris Day) thinks the new guy is pretty cute.

    An odd bird that hasn't aged very well. The scenes in the factory don't benefit from dark walls and low ceilings, and feel kind of claustrophobic. The shouty dialogue is often played to the back row, which doesn't always work in film.…