Bad Boys for Life

Bad Boys for Life ★★★

"We've been bad boys our whole lives, now it's time to be good men."

Bad Boys (3): For Life sees our constantly butting head charismatic detectives finally entering their retirement phase. Continuing with the real passage of time since the glorious 90s, 17 years to be exact, the film pits our guns blazing, bickering hotheads with the one thing they can't shoot up or drive through, time. Like Frank Sheeran to Jimmy Hoffa, Marcus must tell his brother in arms "It's what it is", stating, "We got more time behind us than in front of us. Things need to change." But naturally, things are never that easy, and least of all to thee Mike Lowrey: so buckle up and don't you dare spill that drink in his Ferrari! In this hotly anticipated and long awaited sequel, we find "Bulletproof" Mike Lowrey still thinking he's the hottest thing since Tony Montana to cruise down the South Beach strip. Mike genuinely believes that he's still at the top of his game, an apex model of law enforcement with no plans of ever stopping, taking down criminals one body bag at a time, and filling out paperwork never. He's pushing over 50 years of age, still dressing like the sharpest drug lord, and up to date on things from cool kid's slang to the latest dance moves. His aging vanity is meticulously up kept even to the point of dyeing his goatee with Midnight Cocoa Bean hair colouring. Mike's more reasonable counterpart, and often time voice of reason, Marcus Burnett, has acknowledged that after 25 years of service, it's time for him to put the badge down and spend the rest of his life with his loving family. When the past comes knocking at their door in the form of a personal vendetta from someone Mike put behind bars, Mike must change in order to protect those he loves. With the lovely Vanessa Hudgens and played against type Alexander “Bjorn” Ludwig shortly heading the new younger faces via a “High School Musical boy-band with guns”, For Life also brings back plenty of familiar faces. Most welcome of all being eternally enraged, Pepto Bismol chugging Captain Howard, so perfectly played by Joe Pantoliano. It's a crowd pleasing, nostalgia inducing return to a big happy family some of us proudly grew up with. 



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