2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★½

“this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. goodbye.”

well i, for one, am speechless.

the 3 minute blank screen opening was... something else. at first i was so confused, i thought there’s something wrong with MY screen until i literally checked. then it hit me how genius it was in the context of not only influencing the audience but also this particular film plot. the soundtrack and the arrangement of those classical pieces in relation to certain scenes was so beautiful. and don’t even get me started on set design and the overall cinematography of this masterpiece; it was so magical and i think it’s what made the screening so amazing for me alongside the music. i liked kubrick’s initial idea of making this a completely non-verbal visual, he could definitely pull this off. however, the omnipresent sound compared to almost no sound with dialogue contributed lots to the experience. something about the central framing of each shot was so compelling and simply cool to me as well. i think it’s one of the most visually beautiful films i had the privilege to watch.

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