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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    Thank god, or whoever the hell is up there, for this holy god forsaken movie. Thank GOD. My anxiety found a home and a friend in a film like this—so perfectly tense and uncertain while still pushing forward every second into the world. This movie is a propellant out to your surroundings, and an introspective turn toward the self. It is everything within and without. It is perfect. 
    The score..... ohhh my GOD the score. It’s PERFECTLY anxious and intense…

  • So B. It

    So B. It


    I was legitimately obsessed with this book for 85% of my childhood and when I saw they adapted it into a film, I absolutely lost my shit and knew I had to see it. 

    The adaptation was good, and they really savored the storyline of an incredible novel which made it a worthwhile film. Other than the narrative, nothing special with several corny performances anyways. But it was a treat to revisit the most special tale of my growing-up, and I enjoyed myself.