American Psycho ★★★★

This film was an enthrallingly tense waltz with human darkness— played out in plenty of white and red. And I loved it. 
Such a treat. By about 30 minutes in, I was sitting up in my chair leaned toward the tv, and never really got comfortable again. I was gripped the entire way. 

Thoughts I had throughout my viewing:
- Ok this film’s beginning sequence is 100000% what inspired the Dexter title sequence. I know this. in my soul
- God how does Christian Bale always commit and work so frickin hard for his roles
- Ngl his body bro ..... 😳 quote my mom: “I’d let him eat crackers in my bed and leave crumbs any time!”
- The Les Mis poster on his wall..... and then saying he’s going to the Les Mis matinee? What’s his deal with Les Mis I NEED TO UNDERSTAND
- When he starts telling Jean to “never wear that outfit again” I’m just like...........sexual harrassment in the workplace........??????? Can we......... just not ???????
- The voiceover method is a fantastically incisive way of illustrating how psychopathy is dominated by this inner tape running through the head at all times—calculating, analyzing, cataloguing. I loved that structural element to the film. 
- I  CANT GET ENOUGH OF his manic acting and the absolute debauchery of his murder scenes, his complete mania and the way Bale just totally unravels in hysterics before our eyes 
- Really incredible cinematography. I mean really, just so masterful and beautiful and elegant—perfectly poised to tell this story. 
- Ok but the misogyny in this moovvvviiiiieeeeeee bruh idek if it’s excusable it like physically makes me uncomfortable 
- This movie certainly does NOT pass the Bechdel test !
- Killer soundtrack (-both me and my mom)
- They should have made him more charming and apt to the investigations.... from what I know about ASPD they’re typically far more smooth under pressure or threat, and I didn’t see that very well in this film. 
- Great, really cerebral writing on this film. The dialogue and the voiceovers are so mental, so internal, so fluid and conscious. It’s hard to explain and it’s like something I’ve hardly ever seen before. 
- This. THIS! THIS was Bale’s joker moment baby. Heath Ledger’s Joker : Christian Bale’s Bateman. This insanity and mania is seen by none other than Batman’s opposite himself. 
- AND mise en scene choices throughout the movie are.... holy shit. the directing is so good, incredible work m’lady